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When I was young, I found that my creative side was the driving motivator for my interests, and I have since then turned that creative drive into an education where I hope to kickstart my career. As an aspiring graphic designer, my interests include package design and print, though my admiration for graphic design is abundant. I love to work with physical mediums such as paints and film. One special interest of mine is making cyanotype prints, as I love the different effects that can be made using different textured paper and fabric.

Experimentation is a large part of the success I find as a graphic designer, and conveniently, it is also most often the answer to problem solving the failures I encounter. I am continually learning, and I hope to keep this up by collaborating with likeminded individuals inside and outside of the walls of a studio. I feel that accomplishing something on my own is a great feat, though accomplishing something as part of a team is even more rewarding.

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