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Orchid Scented Body Wash

Bamboo Scented Shampoo

Chrysanthemum Scented Conditioner

Cherry Blossom Scented Face Wash

bamboo front back final.jpg
chrysanthemum front and back final.jpg


This project was created in 2019 in an attempt to combine watercolor, hand lettering, and typography under a cohesive identity. The concept was created to reflect the gentle aroma of the four iconic flowers found in Chinese art. The hand lettering is done to reflect this same gentleness. 


Four Gents is a concept derived from the use of botanical imagery in Chinese art and scrolls. The four gentleman, also known as the noble ones, are the chrysanthemum; the orchid; the cherry blossom; and bamboo. The gentlemen are known for their timeless aesthetic traditionally using delicate brushwork to outline the imagery. 

orchid front back final copy.jpg
plum tree front and back final copy.jpg
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